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BCI Webinar: The Case for Unannounced Live Exercises

Robert Clark will use case studies from his new book “Validating Your Business Continuity Plan” to consider the arguments for and against running unannounced live exercises.

The studies will be based upon his own first-hand experience along with that of business continuity colleagues that he has worked with over the years. The live unannounced test scenarios will include:

- Testing for a 9/11 type scenario 16 years before the event

- Evacuating staff from their normal place of work, closing the building down for three days

- ICT Disaster Recoveries with only 30 minutes’ notice

- How a Christmas four day cruise sank a live test before it had even started


On 11th July 2016 in Birmingham, UK, I was the instructor representing BC-Training and delivered a three-day IT Disaster Recovery course.

The Devil is in the Detail – Robert Clark

Safari offers its clients the opportunity to explore extracts from the book - In Hindsight : a compendium of Business Continuity case studies, for which Robert is both the Editor and a contributor.

BCI webinar: Business continuity and the pandemic threat

Pandemics occur every twenty to forty years. This webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of the threat and associated issues that are synonymous with pandemics.

The webinar will take account of both the business and human aspects of this threat while not just considering businesses in isolation but as part of a greater supply chain.

The session includes:

  • Definition of what a pandemic is and why it is so dangerous
  • Brief history of pandemics
  • Review what contagions are currently on the radar which could develop into a pandemic
  • Overview of the 2002-03 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the resulting economic ... tsunami that it caused (cost the global economy an estimated $50 billion)
  • Preparation within our critical national infrastructures
  • Potential social effects and the knock-on impact on businesses
  • Considering mitigation and contingency options
  • Human Resource Management issues arising

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

No two disasters are ever the same and business continuity practitioners should never base their plans directly on an individual experience, but case studies still provide an extremely helpful tool when it comes to thinking about what organisational disruptions may occur and how they can be dealt with. That is the purpose of a new book titled ‘In hindsight: a compendium of business continuity case studies’ launched in July at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire, UK, a tribute to the venue where the idea for the book was originally conceived.

In hindsight was edited by Robert Clark MBCI and authored by several people from the field of resilience who all (with one exception) came together when studying at Buckinghamshire New University under the tutelage of Philip Wood AMBCI who provided the preface for the book. In his preface he states "I have found it to be an interesting, thought provoking and stimulating collection of studies and I have learned a great deal from reading it. Learning is key to understanding, and understanding allows us to make the right decisions.”

Cyberspace - Friend or Foe ?

The Internet has handed private citizens, companies and governments possibly the most influential innovation since the industrial revolution. It has also provided hostile foreign governments, criminals and terrorists with another means to further their respective causes. Does Cyberspace therefore represent our very best friend or our nemesis?

Malta 2013 - Continuity and Security Insight

Friday 31st May saw the Key IT Group hold its inaugural conference at the Corinthia San Gorg. Entitled Continuity and Security Insight – Malta 2013, the conference looked to educate delegates about Business Continuity and Information Security issues along with the various inherent threats they pose.

A full audience heard both local and overseas speakers coalesced to offer a fascinating insight into the two disciplines..

Return to Malta - 2011

Robert Clark to head 6pm business continuity management and HR

Pioneering Business continuity management in Malta

The Key IT Group has now engaged the services of BCM specialist Robert Clark. Mr Clark’s experience is truly international and has seen him work in 10 different countries across a variety of industry sectors with companies including IBM, British Airways and Barclays Bank.

To fail to plan is planning to fail - Winston Churchill

Over 50 delegates attended a special business breakfast organised by Key IT Group at The Palace hotel, Sliema. The event highlighted the importance of business continuity management. The session shed light on why Maltese businesses should incorporate BCM. Bob Clark, Key’s recently appointed BCM specialist. said “This is not just an IT issue but a business one. There needs to be a holistic management approach that provides a framework for building organisational resilience.”

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